Consignment with Renaissance Interiors

What is consignment with Renaissance Interiors?

Consignment is a method of selling where the owner engages another to sell their items for them, for a commission. When consignors sell approved items with Renaissance, we will sell them on your behalf and do all the work involved.

Consignors won’t have to waste time placing ads, taking calls or appointments, and inviting strangers into your home. We take care of the strategic merchandising, sale, service and delivery for you. By accepting multiple payment methods, consignors don’t have to worry about scams, bad checks or other financial hassles. Given the high country-wide exposure and foot traffic of Renaissance Interiors, we have the expertise to sell items at a higher price than you might on your own. Once we sell your item, all you have to do is collect your portion of the sale.

Price Reductions

  • Items are listed at the full contracted price in our store for 30 days.
  • With items remain for sale at Renaissance for over 30 days, the original price is reduced by 20%.
  • If an item remains in our store more than 60 days, the original price is reduced by 40%.
  • If an item remains in our store more than 90 days, the price may be reduced even further at the discretion of Renaissance Interiors.
  • Renaissance Interiors may sell merchandise up to 10% discount of the sales price at any time during the consignment term.
  • Renaissance Interiors may sell any item at the next reduction level if the sale occurs within four days of the next reduction period.

Delivery & Pickup Services

We work with several recommended, fully-insured contracted moving services, who can deliver your purchased items or pick up your consignments, for an extra charge.

Consignor’s Policies

Approval of Consignment Items

We must pre-approve home furnishings via email. Items such as small collectibles, silver, books, lamps, etc. can be brought into our store during consignment times for our review. Please email us pictures of your larger items at We will reply to all consignment requests within 48 to 72 hours. We will advise you of the expected sale price that we believe will sell your merchandise while still getting the most return for both parties.

Consignments are Accepted

We accept consignment dropoffs without appointment Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm. If you need to bring your items outside this time frame, please email us to make an appointment.

Consignment Contract

The terms of our contract are listed below. Once items are approved for consignment, contracts are signed in-store.

  1. Consignment term is for 90 days; Days 1-30: Contract Price; Days 31-60: Contract Price reduced by 20%; Days 61-90: Contract price reduced by 40%. Renaissance Interiors may sell any item at the next reduction level if the sale occurs within four (4) days of the next reduction period.
  2. Renaissance Interiors may sell merchandise up to 10% discount of the sales price at any time during the consignment term.
  3. For any merchandise not sold during the (90) ninety day consignment period, it is the Consignor’s sole responsibility to remove the merchandise from the store within two (2) days from the end of the consignment period. Merchandise left beyond that time can be
    sold and/or disposed of at the sole discretion of Renaissance Interiors without notification to the Consignor. Sales proceeds generated after the expiration of the consignment contract belong to Renaissance Interiors.
  4. Items are consigned solely at Consignor’s risk, including but not limited to loss by theft or breakage.
  5. Renaissance Interiors has the sole responsibility for the pricing of consigned items. The contract price can only be set after the item is received at the store. Any price provided before an item is received at the store is only an estimate.
  6. Consignor agrees to leave the merchandise with Renaissance Interiors for the full 90 day consignment term, but may take an item back early by paying an early termination fee equal to 20% of the then current sales price.
  7. Renaissance Interiors charges a 50% commission on all sales.
  8. It is Consignor’s sole responsibilty to check on the status of his/her merchandise. Renaissance Interiors does not notify the Consignor when an item sells or does not sell. Account inquiries can be made at any time in person or by phone on Tuesday thru Friday after 4pm.
  9. All pick up fees are the responsibilty of the Consignor but will be advanced against the consignment account and deducted from the initial sale(s).
  10. Consignment checks are issued once a month on the 15th for all merchandise sold during the prior month. They are issued when an account balance is greater than $5.00. Any account balance less than $5.00 is reimbursed to the consignor in cash when all items in
    Consignor ‘s account are unavailable. Checks should be picked up at the store, but may be mailed in the U.S. for a fee of $10.00 per individual consignment.
  11. If the Consignor loses a check, they are responsible for any bank fees associated with the issuance of a stop payment. Renaissance Interiors charges a $20 fee to reissue any check, which is then made available on the next check run. Expired checks can be reissued for a $20 fee. However, any check not picked up or cashed within one year from the date of issuance is the property of Renaissance Interiors.
  12. Renaissance may in its sole discretion repair or clean any consigned item it deems necessary without notification to the Consignor up to a charge of $45 per item. Repairs over $45 per item will be cleared with the Consignor.
  13. The Consignor may obtain a print out of their account only once a month.
  14. The terms of this agreement can not be altered unless otherwise specifically noted in writing on this form.